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ludic by melannc
by melannc

The first things that strike me about the picture are that there is a very strong geometric composition, hard contrasts of tonality acr...

Torso by grandart

I found this very striking, on first look, and I think partly from the strength that you speak of, but also because the grazing light s...

Come to Sammie by ANPStudios

I've been watching this series as it's been appearing, and liking it more and more. It's so refreshing, when there are so many glamour ...

Taylor2 by MDR-Studios

It's a lovely image. The girl is beautiful, with a lovely calm expression and body language. The lighting is nicely done and exposure l...


KF 9491 by Gairm
KF 9491
Kat Folan again. We were trying to have a bit of a Horst kind of session.
Hibiscus Wet 01 Small by Gairm
Hibiscus Wet 01 Small
.. when you've made the tea, the flowers are still quite hard and small .. but if you leave them half an hour you get this.
Hibiscus Dry 01 Small by Gairm
Hibiscus Dry 01 Small
drinking hibiscus tea as part of a caffeine cut down .. this is how it starts off ..
A lot of my writing is about violence, and it has been so for years. It is one of the reasons why I find so much of the stuff on art nude gratuitous .. girls with guns and swords. Usually girls and their photographers from relatively safe cultures (I know that some of the older men who take photographs are vets) but, basically, people who think weapons are cool, but have no real idea of what they do to bodies.
Sex and violence always go together .. violence because of sex .. shame, honour, showing off, getting off on it .. sex is maybe intrinsically an act of violence .. penetration, rough sex .. 'passion' means hurt. When you read eyewitness accounts of genocide or massacre one of the things you notice over and again, though it tends not to make it into the official story, is how much violence is directed speciically against genitalia .. lethal violence, I mean .. cutting it off, pushing something into it ..
Almost anything can be a weapon, the most natural things, a natural stone, a branch, and so can a lot of body parts .. head butts, hands and feet, knees and elbows; any of them can be lethal.
Sometimes it seems like an equation that just doesn't balance. All those years it takes to make a life, 9 months carrying .. all the years of raising teaching and loving .. and it's wiped out in a second, by someone who never knew the person they killed. I would say 'and never gives them a second thought' but that doesn't seem to be the way of it .. killers do remember. There are many historic episodes of mass-killing where the best and most detailed evidence comes out, decades after the event, because the killers have to speak, they can't live with it any longer. They still have the hands they used, every day they see images of guns or knives, if not the things themselves .. if they used a rock .. and they see people every day who look just like the people they killed. They get that thing that some of us have had when we miss someone we loved .. and we see them in a street .. convinced for the moment it is them .. she walks just like x walked .. her hair is the same .. it is her
Pity the men who have wrecked women's bodies, and every woman's body that they get close to reminds them, and pity the women they sleep with, because one way or another the demons will make themselves known.
But a vulva, or a vagina, makes a poor weapon. I'm sure it's possible .. and vagina is the Latin for sheath, for a sword, which is at least ambivalent. But the thing itself is incredibly strong, and also capable of incredible softness and gentleness, and not aggressive .. intrinsically non-aggressive, intrinsically embracing, an invitation not a threat, made for love and for making life.


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United Kingdom
I am old enough to be under no illusions about my own mortallity.…


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