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This is a lovely nude portrait .. which I think is hard to achieve in itself .. there should be a sense above all that you are encounte...

by drkshp

beautiful girl looking introspective / reflective, beside a window .. one of the classic art nude subgenres, often produces very unexce...

It's that arms over the head pose thing again .. along with the hand framing the breast thing .. two nude / glamour genre things in one...

by melannc

The first things that strike me about the picture are that there is a very strong geometric composition, hard contrasts of tonality acr...

You cannot have just beauty, apart from its embodiment.  The beauty you are posting is not the body beautiful, it is an image. The map is not the territory. The body was necessary to making the image, and so was the work. The beauty in an image does not exist apart from the work and time that went into making it.  It's the work you're stealing, which is to say, the money, often the income, of those who made the work. You are doing what the corporate world increasingly does, which is to deny artists the income that is due to them for their work.

If you post others' work without attribution then you're stealing the respect they are due for making something beautiful. If you post others' work under your own name, many people will assume it's your own work: you are, in effect, lying. Lies are not beautiful. You are using legal jargon, 'the pubic domain' precisely to deny the notion of the public domain, which only exists if there is also a private domain, a domain of ownership.

There is nothing radical or alternative or counter-cultural or creative or thoughtful or clever in what you are doing. You are being a lawyer. You are being banal.

Consider behaving with a little more respect for yourself and for the people whose images you are posting.


This in response to one more person posting other people's work as if it were their own, and saying things like: 'Beauty "exists", like sunlight, in the PUBLIC DOMAIN' and: Beauty is something that can neither be bought, sold, bartered for, or traded. Neither can it be "stolen".

Mature Content

Nymph in Stream by JohnFrancisAyres

Part 1:

  Stealing is so bloody middle class!I know a lot of us keep trying to explain this, and that ...
1. Finding something in a public place doesn't give you the right to take it. If you find an image in a public place, that doesn't mean you can take it and use it how you like, any more than finding a car in a public street entitles you to drive it away. If you do take something that isn't yours, you might get away with it, or someone might come after you, and if they come after you, they might catch up with you. If they then beat the crap out of you, or you go to jail, you will still be a twat.
2. Treating property rights with contempt is not radical, or counter-cultural, or leftist / Marxist / intellectual. It is what people have always done if they could get away with it. It is what lawyers and professional politicians and bankers and Tories and Republicans do. It is the normal behaviour of bourgeois, middle-class, conformist people whenever they think they can get away with it.
3. It is mostly impossible for people who ar


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