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I love that you've found a very fresh take on the outdoor bondage theme. It takes a moment or two to figure out how the image works, and that's all to the good.
Composition is great. There's a very strong diagonal running from just left of top centre of the image down to the bottom right corner, and the dark mass to top right helps divide the image into two beautifully complementary shapes. The diagonal from the model's elbow, across her shoulders and into the extended arm towards top left echoes the stronger diagonal very nicely, and that helps to hold the whole image together.
My reservations are partly techincal .. the model's skin is very pale, and the exposure looks about a stop over for her. For me there is too much texture lost as a result. I think the point of focus on the model is good, but too shallow, and much more texture is captured in the tree bark than in the figure, which pulls the eye away from the figure and undermines slightly the way the tree limbs frame the figure. On colours, I think the bark and grass might be better with more saturation .. though you'd have to be careful not to lift saturation on the figure .. her skin colour is too beautiful to risk spoiling it, and more saturation would lose more detail of the figure too.
But I do really love it, for the freshness of the composition and the very 'real' feel of it .. not that studio staged fetish can't be great in its own right .. but this is great partly because it gives a strong sense of an actual D/s occasion, rather than just a stylised image of it.
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PhotoEnki Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Professional Photographer
Thank you for the very focused and thoughtful critique of my work.

I agree, that there are a few spots, near her shoulder, where I blew out the detail a little.

I am glad you like the location for this shoot, it was one of my favorite things about it (beyond the two lovely models of course).
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